Monday, August 20, 2012

salty air

it's been awhile. after spending most of my summer working, i wrangled a weekend off.
spent the weekend in ucluelet with some friends surfing and jumping into waves and attempting (unsuccessfully) to create fire as well as nosing about the tacky little main street. our friend who is a sailor was docked there so we spent some time visiting her as well.

i love surfing. i am so sore but it was so good.

she showed us an awesome little clothing store called Pina. it has rad prints. i custom designed and bought a sweater with some lonesome, wind blown pine-esque stuff going on. check it out though, awesome ocean slash general nature inspired art. on clothing. best.

also some good sounds.

i have rented a violin and am taking lessons in hopes of learning to fiddle. i really like fiddle music.
vancouver island is one beautiful place. i work at a book store. i miss all my friends back home. i miss my film camera. i love watching stupid tv shows called fruits basket with my room mate. i am currently learning to drive standard.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bits and Bobs

Current reading material.

our bulletin board. that i've kind of taken over.

probably one of my most prized possessions, it's a post-card calendar from Germany. All of the postcards are absolutely ridiculous and awesome. 

collection of beach things.

my beloved monkey lamp from my friend Levi.

we're fish sitting for my room-mate's friend while he's away for the summer. this is john redbeard.

my recently acquired backpack, and two of the patches i collected while travelling last year. i found a free iron on the side of the road the day i got the backpack. domino effect = swell backpack!

Marco Polo

This is my dream car, a Volkswagen 1st Generation Polo. Only maybe in a rusty orange or mustard yellow.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

today i sat on a bench at the big, beautiful park that inhabits (it seems) half of the city. the pond was covered in lily-pads and the sun was beaming down on me, and old ladies in track suits were booking it down the pathways. the lawn bowling club was full of angels, the seagulls were stealing my grapes and  i even saw a grandpa and his grandsons holding mini putt clubs and a golf ball. oh, and ducklings were walking on water.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

As I walked out one evening ...

I went for a stroll about my neighborhood tonight and these are some of the things I found. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This is the plant I am plant sitting for a friend as she's moved back home for the summer. I' m a little concerned it may die before she comes back.
There is a wee gnome in the pot and sometimes I imagine that he runs around and has adventures while my room-mate and I sleep at night.

Monday, April 9, 2012


'the way of trust is a movement into
the undefined,
not into some
clearly delineated
for the future.
the next step
discloses itself
out of a discernment
of God acting in
the desert
of the present moment.
the reality
of naked trust is
the life of the pilgrim
who leaves what is
nailed down,
and secure,
and walks into the
without any
rational explanation
to justify the decision
guarantee the future.
because God has
signaled the movement
and offered
his presence
his promise.'

Brennan Manning

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Good Way to Spend a Rainy Week.

Had a bit of an adventure this week. A couple of friends were heading to the west coast of the island to do some work at a rehabilitation centre/camp called Esperanza. They had room in their van and so since I don't start work till the 26th, I decided to join! (Oh, quick side note. I got fired from my job at the breakfast place. According to them I didn't have enough experience, and I just think I made too many mistakes. Anyways, I got hired at an after-school program a couple days after, so life is good.)
This place is about 6 hours from Victoria, and then a 20 minute boat ride. It took us about 10 hours to get there due to an easily distracted driver and having to push the van up a snowy incline. But it was a great week- surrounded by ocean and mountains and trees and good people. It felt so good to be out in the woods again, and it felt like a little taste of Beacon, which I have been pining for since moving out here. I feel like God is a good giver of gifts and He knows what we need.
We chopped wood, fixed insulation, sorted books, planted grass, played with dogs, ate food, made cookies, played apples to apples, played with kids, drank a lot of hot chocolate, got rained on ... and got rained on some more.It's an incredible place. Anyways, here's some pictures!

Goin' home. 
 Ready to tackle some insulation.

On the way there. We got a lot of help from the guys. 
  The shoe stump.

Blistering barnacles! 
 Setting prawn traps.
 Rainy mornings.
  Rubber boot boat feet.
 This is probably less than half of all the books we sorted. 

Under the buildings, feeling a little bit claustrophobic. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Bachelor Built for Two

Some pictures of the newly acquired apartment. It's small, it's got cracks in the ceiling and stains on the carpet (we like to call it character) but it's ours. We have acquired some free furniture and have begun to make it home! Thank you Jesus for a place to live!

 The insanely heavy, yet very comfortable corduroy couch!

 The view.

 The room of bathing.

 Living room/bedroom - notice the driftwood, taken from the ocean, just down the road!

 My wee corner.

 Our 'galley' kitchen, as I like to call it.

 Our balcony and the free bike we acquired!

My driftwood bedside table, many books and collected stones for skipping.