Monday, August 20, 2012

salty air

it's been awhile. after spending most of my summer working, i wrangled a weekend off.
spent the weekend in ucluelet with some friends surfing and jumping into waves and attempting (unsuccessfully) to create fire as well as nosing about the tacky little main street. our friend who is a sailor was docked there so we spent some time visiting her as well.

i love surfing. i am so sore but it was so good.

she showed us an awesome little clothing store called Pina. it has rad prints. i custom designed and bought a sweater with some lonesome, wind blown pine-esque stuff going on. check it out though, awesome ocean slash general nature inspired art. on clothing. best.

also some good sounds.

i have rented a violin and am taking lessons in hopes of learning to fiddle. i really like fiddle music.
vancouver island is one beautiful place. i work at a book store. i miss all my friends back home. i miss my film camera. i love watching stupid tv shows called fruits basket with my room mate. i am currently learning to drive standard.